You have a vision of what you would like to see. 3DScanLA takes your vision and makes it a reality. The 3DScanLA team members are extremely passionate about their work. They are dedicated to the industry and have passion for 3D Scanning Technology and the output of all of it’s data. You want it, we’ll make it happen!
All of our team members are fully trained and seasoned CG professionals. You can count on 3DScanLA having the experience and know-how. At 3DScanLA our meticulous attention to detail shows in the outcome of each project. We do it right!
3DScanLA Services provides a reliable, highly skilled and professional VFX labor force to it’s clientele. After contracting 3DScanLA , you will rest easy knowing that the production end of your event will be handled by some of the best FX Artists in the business. We understand the high demands of the production business and with the strong work ethics of our team, you can trust 3DScanLA to get your 3D Scanning needs not only done on time, but done with amazing accuracy.
Our goal is not to get your business and move on to the next client; we commit ourselves to keeping your business for years to come. At 3DScanLA we understand that to fulfill this commitment, we must provide 100% customer satisfaction with an unmatched degree of professionalism. That is exactly what we do.

Welcome to 3DScanLA Studios

3DScanLA Studios LLC is an established 3D Head and Body Scanning Service providing the leading technology and development of highly crafted 3D digital asset services and products. Whether it’s scanning on-set or through remote production assistance, 3DSCanLA’s focus is anticipating our client’s needs and providing them with a “hassle-free” production experience.
We create captivating Scans that deliver the digital solutions our clients imagine. We are committed to the newest technology and software, professional customer service, collaboration, and communication throughout each step of the pipeline and development. We believe in cultivating long standing relationships built on trust and consistency. Some of our clients are:

VFX Studios, Toy Companies, Traditional VFX Houses, Graphic Designers, Multimedia and Design, Digital Artists, Commercial and Film Production Houses, Music Video Art Directors, Clay Sculpting Studios, CG/VFX Educational Communities and Schools, Medical Professionals and Students and Gaming Studios to name a few. 

About Us

Christopher Parent was inspired to start a 3D Scanning business from his own professional experience as a 3D Freelancer in the Los Angeles area.

He is a successful entrepreneur with extensive 3D Character Design expertise. His role as CEO of 3D Scan LA consists of contract negotiation, management, investor relations, and overall development activities.’s  success is going the extra mile to make the customer happy with the delivery of 3D Assets.

“Say what you do, then do what you say – We Scan!”  are the 3D Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry experts that will continue to drive quality 3D Scan Data and Character Creation into the mainstream.

Take advantage of our free consultation by calling 818.358.2286 or Email:

Our technology coupled with years of 3D Scanning and Modeling knowledge, allows us to deliver only the best 3D Head and Body Scans on the market today; with delivery times all done in a fraction of the time of traditional 3D Scanning Studios.
3DScanLA has been working with Photo-Realism Technology and Techniques since 2008. Our custom made 360 Canon Camera Capture Array now enables us to be one of leaders of 3D Digital Assets for 3D Character Creation; Not only locally to the Los Angeles area but Worldwide!
Our commitment to exceeding your expectations is our number one priority. Your complete and total satisfaction is genuinely important to all of us. We take pride in each and every scan we produce and we strive for perfection in every job. Our excellent reputation is continuously growing and we would never jeopardize that.
3D Scanning Los Angeles has been contributing to educating VFX Artists and CG Students Worldwide by our providing our digital assets to our affiliate site