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3D Scanning Studio.

At 3D Scanning Los Angeles, we’ve been on a mission for the past decade to provide our clients with top-notch, precise 3D scans that showcase the unique characteristics and characteristics of objects and surroundings. We aim to be the go-to place for 3D scanning in the Los Angeles area, with quick turnaround times and excellent customer service.

Our team stays current on the newest technologies and methods in 3D scanning, guaranteeing that we always deliver the best possible results to our clients. We’re passionate about assisting businesses and individuals across various industries, from film and gaming to architecture and product design, bring their ideas to life through the magic of 3D scanning.

Whether you’re in need of a highly detailed 3D head scan or a full-body scan for rigging or costume design, we have the equipment and expertise to tackle your project.

Get in touch with us today to discover how our 3D scanning services can bring your vision to fruition!

About Us

You have a vision  . . . 3DScanLA takes your vision and makes it a reality. The 3DScanLA team is extremely passionate about their work. They are dedicated and educated in 3D Scanning technology and the output of all it’s data. You want it, we’ll make it happen!

We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.

The 3DScanlA team are seasoned CG professionals. You can count on 3DScanLA having the experience and know-how. Our meticulous attention to detail shows in the outcome of each project. We do it right!

Light composure
We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
Unic vision
We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.

3DScanLA Services provides a reliable, highly skilled and professional VFX team to it’s clientele. You will rest easy knowing that the production end of your event will be handled by some of the best FX Artists in the business. We understand the high demands of the production business and with the strong work ethics of our team, you can trust 3DScanLA to get your 3D Scanning needs not only done on time, but done with amazing accuracy.

Ultra HD
We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
Focusing knowledges
We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.

Our goal is not to get your business and move on to the next client. We commit ourselves to keeping your business for years to come. At 3DScanLA we understand that to fulfill this commitment, we must provide 100% customer satisfaction with an unmatched degree of professionalism. That is exactly what we do.

At 3D Scanning Los Angeles, we understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and respect for all non-disclosure agreements. Our goal is to make the scanning process as quick, convenient, and discreet as possible for our clients.
We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art equipment, including:
Our Universal Studios Location,

  • A full-body rig with 200 Canon cameras
  • A dedicated head rig consisting of 60 Canon 77Ds
  • A 360-degree product photography rig with 40 Canon cameras

Our studio is equipped with amenities such as a make-up station, wardrobe room, and changing rooms. We also offer off-street parking, an elevator for discreet access, and easy access to local cafes and restaurants.

For more information or to schedule a scan, please contact us at:
3151 Cahuenga Blvd W,
Los Angeles, CA. 90068
Phone: 8183582286
Email: 3dscanla@gmail.com
Web: http://3dscanla.com

We look forward to working with you and capturing the highest quality 3D digital assets possible with our dedicated photogrammetry rigs.

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